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Under contract or ad hoc we make sure all equipment is working as it should so you don't ruin your trip or onboard enjoyment.

Underwater cleaning, regular washing, interior cleaning, waxing and buffing, engine flushing are few of the services we provide so your asset retains it's shine and value. 

Reposition, Captain services, provisions, parts sourcing, refueling, pump out, last minute items... We take care of all the little things.

A comprehensive list of preventive and regular checks of your boat's systems to increase your boating pleasure while minimizing costly emergency services.

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Whether you just need the essentials (diving, zinc replacement, wash downs, detailed wash, waxing) or something specific (nano sealants, aluminum coating, ceramic coatings) we will meet with you at your boat and provide you with a quote. We will take care of your boat to allow you to enjoy the Florida waters.

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